Optimized firmware libraries and Applications

Blu5 optimized, verified and tested libraries and applications to speed up your developments.

Product specifications

  • Smart Boot-loader, multi interface, fast and safe FW injection
  • 100Mb/s USB and SDCard communication drivers
  • Low power management libraries (dynamic, stop, standby)
  • Key Management libraries (generation, update, storage, etc.)
  • Communication libraries (vocoders, negotiation, etc.)
  • SHA256, CMAC-AES256, Elliptic Curves (up to 521-bit), RSA (up to 2048-bit)
  • JavaCard Blu5 Crypto Applet (based on EAL5+ security chip)
  • Ultra Fast, HW AES256 ECB/CBC/CFB/OFB/CTR, 1.6 Gb/s
  • SEfile™ high speed libraries, for data at rest protection 2 cache levels
  • SElink™ libraries, for data in motion protection unlimited sessions

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