Why SEcube

Deliver your projects faster harnessing the full potential of our platform

Nowadays developers are faced the complexity of smarter devices and the increase in the level of integration. Flexibility, improved computational performance, security and cost are therefore the main challenges to be addressed for successful designing. The selection of the most suitable platform becomes the key to deliver what customers want in a timely manner.

Finding us brings you a step ahead!

We at Blu5 can support you in your projects. From design to manufacturing we can offer you our decennial expertise working with highly demanding Government customers on bespoke and military-grade security solutions. Alongside, our proven and long-lasting relations in electronics manufacturing give us a competitive advantage. Complex designs and low volumes are no issues.

No more project requirements downscaling, SEcube has all what it takes to support demanding developments both in terms of performance and flexibility for future needs

25 times

faster execution code

Accelerate your code’s functions using the embedded FPGA


increased security

The embedded smartcard chip provides Certified Security for applications where data privacy and protection are critical requirements

1 man-year

reduction of development efforts

Speed up your developments and reduce time-to market making use of Open Source IP Cores on our Open Platforms

1000 times

cheaper than custom-made components

A combination of three main COTS cores in a compact and single package to reduce costs and space constraints

6 Reasons why our partners are choosing SEcube


Best available integrated platform

Develop programmable solutions on state-of-the-art technology in one single chip (BGA 9x9 mm)


Suitable for demanding projects

Maximise volume and power leveraging on miniature embedded and configurable components


Open platform

Verify, change, or write from scratch the whole system starting from the elementary low-level blocks


Reconfigurable silicon

Change your projects in total freedom without hardware re-design


Run your code in the right place

Availability of three technologies - FPGA, microprocessor and smartcard for code optimization


Security oriented

Protect mission-critical environments that prioritise data integrity, availability and confidentiality

How is SEcube beneficial to you


Use SEcube Development boards as a learning platform for your University programs, summer schools, tutorials and funded projects.


Speed up your developments with our ready available optimised code and platforms. You will be provided with an easy-to-use, high-security abstraction layer for immediate developments.

Business Executives

We strive to make your projects a success. Supporting you to reduce development costs and time-to market, you will be able to deliver your solution to your customers in a timely manner with a competitive advantage.