SEcube Fingerprint development Kit

SEcube™ Fingerprint development Kit

A complete solution for manufacturers and developers to integrate fingerprint authentication features to their designs.
Connected to the SEcube Development board using standard expansion connectors, the fingerprint module is designed for fast and reliable implementation of embedded biometric features in host systems.

Finger print sensor features:

  • CMOS OLED image sensor
  • Image resolution 132 x 64 dot matrix panel
  • Active area 160 x 160 pixel array, or 8.0 x 8.0 mm2 sensing area with 508 dpi resolution
  • Sensing frame rate: 30 images/sec
  • Slave SPI interface with 4 wires
  • Low power standby finger detect mode
  • 64-bit key image data encryption
  • Runs on 2.8 ~ 3.3V operating voltage

The kit includes:

  • 1 SEcube™ development board
  • 1 fingerprint core board
  • A-to-mini-B USB cable for power supply and communication to PC
  • embedded biometric APIs including matcher and fingerprint extractor features
  • technical documentation including, schematics

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